Galina Dub

Galina Dub

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Galina Dub is a Russian American Instagram model. She is popularly known as an Instagram model and one of the models in Marvin’s model management. Galina is another work out social media slut just like this one among every streamer celebrity now days. We want to see more leaked full on spread apart legs showcasing that pussy not these photo shopped shit that floats around.

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Unlike most models out there, Galina is a natural. She has a busty ass and round boobs that guaranteed her entry into modeling at a very tender age. She did not stop there. The young and charming model went ahead to launch her internet career to seal the fact that she is the hottest babe on the internet then.

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The 24 year old has a sexy body you`d want to dip in chocolate and lick. Seeing her in bikinis make men drool over her. She goes ahead and pose for a photo showing us her lovely firm boobies.

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Unfortunately Galina Dub has not been generous enough to show us her tight pussy, I guess that is left for our imagination. Oh and those steady nipples, though she hardly leaves her side boobs for a sneak peek.
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